How to Start Concrete EPS Wall Panel Factory with Hongfa Machine to Produce Cement Easy Wall

/How to Start Concrete EPS Wall Panel Factory with Hongfa Machine to Produce Cement Easy Wall

How to Start Concrete EPS Wall Panel Factory with Hongfa Machine to Produce Cement Easy Wall

The concrete sandwich EPS wall panel, composed of high strength water resistant calcium silicate board or fiber cement board as skin board and the expanded EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Styrofoam) bonding mortar as core material, is a new type of green building material. It is one of the lightweight cement easy wall panel material, and become more and more popular by its good advantages as below:

Hongfa Cement Wall Panels Raw Materials

The advantages of concrete EPS wall Panel include:

– Effective and durable thermal insulation
– High load bearing capacity at low weight 

Hongfa Concrete Wall Panel Picture

– Absolute waterproof and vapour proof
– Most cost effective insulation material available
– Lightweight, fast and economic construction

Hongfa Cement Wall Panels Buildings

At the same time, this kind of building material concrete EPS sandwich  lightweight wall panel can reduce wall occupying space, increase the rate of using residential space, reduce structure load, promote building anti-seismic ability and safety performance, reduce the comprehensive cost. So it is a good building material with long life and low maintenance performance.

Hongfa EPS Concrete Lightweight Sandwich Wall Panels Buildings

Here we introduce how to start concrete EPS wall panel factory with Hongfa machine to produce cement easy wall.

Step 1 Make Sure the Required Materials Used to Produce Concrete Sandwich EPS Wall Panel Available

In this way, you may be wondering what are the necessary materials to make the raw materials to make lightweight cement EPS easy wall panel? The easy touch of raw material and the low cost are very important, when considering a building project to reach high return of investment. The main raw materials of eps wall panel are industrial residues, fly ash, sand slag and EPS foam particles, which is recyclable and reducing pollution. The above two kinds of sources of raw materials, fly ash and sand are abundant and extensive. For the un-popped eps beads, many countries try to import from China. So the raw material cost and consumption is a very important factor to start the concrete eps wall panel factory.

Concrete eps wall panel raw material picture

Step 2 Choose the Right Concrete EPS Wall Panel Machine Depends on Your Budget

To start the concrete sandwich eps wall panel factory, the machinery and the price to produce the panels are necessary factors which should be considered firstly. In this filed, there are three types of cement easy wall panel machines for your option, from manual vertical, automatic horizontal to the automatic vertical cement wall panel machines. All the three fabricated EPS wall panel machine can make the concrete dry wall panel or sandwich cement wall panels with the sizes: length 2270/2440/3000mm, width 610mm, thickness 60-200mm (size and thickness can be adjusted).

Lightweight wall panel making machine plant - Yuki

1. Hongfa automatic vertical concrete EPS sandwich wall panel making machine.

Specializing in the production of light weight eps wallboard to be flat surface, smooth and high density, this automatic vertical EPS wall panel machine is the best wall panel mold car. It can make the sandwich concrete dry wall panel with the size: length 2270/2440/3000mm, width 610mm, thickness 60-200mm (size and thickness can be adjusted).

It is designed with simple and reliable operation, mature and stable equipment and high technology. This concrete EPS sandwich panel machine adopts PLC and touch screen control, automatic filling, electronic weighing, temperature control, material level control to realize automatic production. With the EPS wall panel machine, your factory can greatly reduces the labor intensity of dry wall production, lower labor cost and improve wall panel EPS production efficiency.

Automatic Vertical Wall Panel Mold Car

2. Hongfa automatic horizontal concrete EPS sandwich wall panel making machine.

This horizontal EPS wall panel making machine is automatic type, easy operation and with less workers.The automatic horizontal concrete eps wall panel production line features high precise injecting, good controls on the temperature and raw material mixing, and keeping well with the foamed material equal wrapping and prevents the bead agglomerate because of the bad temperature control.

Hongfa Auto Horizontal Mold Car

3. Hongfa manual concrete EPS sandwich wall panel making machine.

This sandwich dry cement wall concrete eps wall panel machinery is handled by labor panel demoulding. This concrete eps wall panel machine in manual type is in high capacity. It can produce the popular 100mm thickness panel with 40pcs in one mold car. This Hongfa manual eps sandwich wall panel is in low investment and highest capacity. This kind of lightweight eps sandwich wall panel machine can be considered due to the limit of functional requirements

Hongfa Manual Panel Mold Car

Step 3 Prepare the Required Facility to Start the Concrete EPS Wall Panel Factory

To start the concrete eps sandwich wall panel factory, the required facility like the land, electricity, water, and labors etc. The required land for the factory building, the length, width and height depends on the concrete eps wall panel machinery chosen. And the other factors like the water, electricity, and labors for the easy wall panel factory are related to the machinery you buy. So when you confirm the concrete eps wall panel machinery, then can prepare the required facility for the factory.

Concrete precast wall panel production line drawing

Step 4 To Get the Turnkey Solution of Concrete EPS Wall Panel Factory from the Reliable Cement Panel Machines Factory Hongfa

Established in 1990, Hongfa Machinery products are compliance with the national implementation of standards and approved by CE and ISO9001-2015 international quality certificate. From machine made bricks using different alternatives to AAC Blocks and latest EPS cement panels are achievements of hard work. Hongfa Group has been pioneer in this field and has been doing lot of research and development, to come out with a product meeting all the demands of changed parameters.

Got the “China Well-Known Trademark” honor, Hongfa Group is committed to providing high quality cement sandwich easy wall lightweight eps board making machines to our customers, in order to assist them to achieve their ultimate strategic objectives.

Hongfa block machine and panel machine factory visit

Step 5 Pay Attention to the Cement Dry Wall EPS Sandwich Panel Machinery Installation and After Sale Services

After you determine to start the concrete eps sandwich wall panel factory and buy the machinery, the panel machinery installation and after sale services is important. Hongfa Machinery provide the following good services for your concrete eps wall panel business startup.

Hongfa Factory and Workshop to make EPS concrete wall panel

Pre-Sales Service

* Free inquiry and consulting support for the for the concrete EPS wall panel production line.

* Analyze customers’ needs and market prospect.

* View our Factory for the concrete EPS wall panel machine

* Provide perfect solution to set up a factory to perform sandwich eps wall panel making machine operation.

After-Sales Service

* One year guarantee for the sandwich lightweight wall panel making machine.

* Engineers available to service machinery overseas with concrete EPS sandwich light weight wall panel machine installation, training and maintenance.

* Supply free consultation and parts services for the sandwich eps lightweight wall panel making machine.

We offer the longest international warranty and local support in the industry that speaks for our cement eps wall panel machine quality. We will be happy to serve you please contact us by whatsapp 0086 18378813711 or email us with your query on .

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