Automatic Vertical Panel Machine

Auto Vertical Panel Machine

We have been leading the technology of concrete lightweight panel machine in China. This large capacity automatic vertical concrete EPS wall panel machine in high efficiency is unique with patented design and cutting-edge technology. Contact us today to save your money. View Details >>  

Auto Horizontal Concrete EPS Panel Machine

Auto Horizontal Panel Machine

Our special design concept of science and mature skills lead to the advanced and good quality EPS wall panel equipment manufacture in automatcially horizontal way. Simply reach out to the best first by contacting us today. View Details >> 

Manual Vertical Sandwich Panel Machine

Manual Panel Machine

Seek us for reasonable EPS sandwich wall raw material handling and process systems. The manual lightweight EPS sandwich panel machine mold in vertical type is in high capacity and low investment. View Details >>

Manual Vertical Sandwich Panel Machine

About the Lightweight Concrete EPS Wall Panel

The EPS concrete sandwich wall panel is a new type of high-grade light weight wall panel material. It is with EPS mortar as core material, and calcium silicate board as the surface material. The cement EPS sandwich wall panel is properly mixed with cement, sand, fly ash, slag and additives etc. According to the relevant institutions, this green lightweight concrete EPS wall panel building material has been proved to be sound insulation, fire resistant, and water resistance etc.

This EPS wall panel length from 2270-3600mm, and thickness from 50-300mm (size and thickness can be adjusted) Besides the polystyrene EPS grain type sandwich wall panel, the cement panels can be made with ceramsite grain, EPS board, expandable polystyrene sheet or concrete by the same Hongfa wall panel making machines.

Seek us for reasonable EPS wall panel raw material mix, the required production line feasiblity study, and the system pricing. Contact us now!

The Cement EPS Wall Panel Machines from Hongfa

To start the concrete sandwich eps wall panel factory, the machinery to produce the panels is a necessary factor which should be considered firstly. In this filed, there are several types of cement easy wall panel machines provided by Hongfa for your option. Hongfa automatic vertical concrete EPS sandwich wall panel making machine, automatic horizontal pumping wall panel mold, as well as semi-automatic and manual EPS wall panel making machines.

These wall panel machines provided by Hongfa are specializing in the production of light weight wallboard which has a flat surface, smooth and high density. This wall panel production lines realize the industrial requirements of the new building partition panel material. We are able to provide flexible proposals for based on your wall panel projects required.

Contact us now for several cement EPS wall panel production line investment feasibility study and the machine pricing.

Manual Vertical Sandwich Panel Machine

Welcome to Visit Our Factory

Undertaking our global business mission and aiming to provide qualitatively best products and service to each of our customers, we warmly welcome you to visit our workshop, concrete block or panel equipment production lines and construction site for the projects inspection. Our wealthy experience and innovative awareness can help you figure out the most suitable machines according to your needs.

When come to us, you will get the project feasibility study, customized production line as per your current situation, plant drawing for project evaluation, qualification certificates and product test reports and more.

Hongfa workshop for concrete panel machine
Hongfa warehouse for concrete panel machine
Hongfa worker testing for concrete wall panel machine
Hongfa worker assemble the concrete eps wall panel machines
Hongfa running concrete eps wall panel production line
Hongfa high quality control on the concrete eps wall panel machines
Hongfa workshop in concrete eps wall panel mold process
Hongfa engineers for the concrete eps wall panel machines and factory

What is Like to Work With Us

Our professional and aspiring team has made a number of milestones in designing machines for building material making. We are committed to providing advanced precast panel machine and concrete block equipment, as well as total solutions for our customers. Wealthy experience in running our own prodution lines and excellent cooperation with lots of international groups more than 30 years, our team not only provide machine installation instructions, but also all technology data, material formula, and construction drawing etc.

Hongfa engineers are available to serve oversea for constrution site inspection, equipment installation, technical training and maintenance of the plant etc. You are also get from us the newest and advanced technology update for the plant, and our services in 24/7.  Almost all key parts of our machines are stock in urgent case of your spare parts demand, so you will get the parts in simple and fast way from us too.

Hongfa provide free consulation for wall panel factory setup
Hongfa welcome clients to visit our wall panel factory
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Hongfa engineer provides good services to help clients eps wall panel factory setup
Hongfa cement eps wall panel making machine spare parts
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How Much to Start a Lightweight Panel Production Line?

Seek us for reasonable EPS panel raw material handling and process systems with pricing.
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