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Auto Vertical Sandwich Panel Machine HFP530A

Auto Vertical Sandwich Panel Machine

This automatically vertical EPS wall panel machine developed by Hongfa R&D team is unique with patented design and has cutting-edge technology. Contact our support team now to know how to manufacture high-strength, high-density, and flat & smooth surface EPS wall panel in high ROI.

  • High capacity and fast materials filling

  • Low labor intensity and easy operation & maintenance

  • Low investment, high return

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Automtically Vertical Cement Sandwich Wall Panel Production Line

Automtically Vertical Cement Sandwich Wall Panel Production Line

Auto Vertical Wall Panel Production Line Construction Site

Auto Vertical Wall Panel Production Line Construction Site

eps sandwich cement block

Finished Concrete Lightweight EPS Sandwich Wall Panel

hongfa light eps wall panel

Concrete Lightweight EPS Panel As Interior Partition Board

eps sandwich wall panel as exterior wall

Lightweight Cement EPS Easy Panel As Exterior Wall

Precast Cement EPS Sandwich Panel Machine (Auto Vertical Type)

This automatically vertical EPS wall panel machine developed by Hongfa R&D team strictly control every component of the equipment, from the raw material, hydraulic station, chassis assembly, back plate, partition board, aluminum frame, control system, to single screws, in the hope of bringing our clients the best user experience with maintenance cost reduction.

Stability and productivity are at the foundation of our basic principles. All polyurethane panel machines have been tested by production including modular design of screws. The EPS sandwich panel made my our mold is in high-strength, high-density, and flat & smooth surface. We will customize precast wall machine according to customers’ individual processing purpose for various panel sizes.

We enjoy sharing our insulated sandwich panels line with our customers to help us develop new applications, new materials, and new recipes.

The advantages at a glance

  • High capacity
  • High speed materials filling
  • Low labor intensity
  • Centralized electric device and integrated control system
  • Stable and reliable operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to load calcium silicate board and aluminum side cover
  • Eco-friendly factory with high efficiency pollution control system
  • Smart hydraulic demoulding system with convenience and high efficiency
  • Excellent finished panel outlook
  • Flexible to produce all kinds of board


  • EPS sandwich panel
  • Gypsum board
  • Foam cement panel
  • Precast concrete panel
  • Hollow MGO wall panel
  • Cement wall panel

Finished Panel Size

We will customize precast wall machine according to customers’ individual processing purpose for panel sizes:

Sandwich Panel Size (can be customized)

Automatic Polystyrene EPS Wall Panel Mold Car Specifications

Panel Machine Design

Adopting the advanced scientific design concept and mature technology skills, Guangxi Hongfa automatically vertical panel machine is the most advanced panel production equipment and the first-class machine.

Panel Machine Advantages

The automatic vertical type EPS wall panel machine (HONGFA exclusive product) absorbs the advantages of vertical type and horizontal type machines. It doesn’t need the concrete slurry pumping machine, the concrete slurry are poured directly from the mixer, which is much faster than the pumping machine. Higher capacity and efficiency than the horizontal type, almost three times higher than horizontal forming machine.

Our auto vertical pane making machine is leading the technology of China-made panel equipment. Its stability and productivity have been witnessed and proven by many well-known international groups’ production. The compatibility of the precast wall machine enables various material options for different processing task and different raw materials.

Control system

This EPS construction panel machine adopts PLC and touch screen control. For the whole production line from slurry filling, panel forming and demoulding. The system can realize automatic materials filling, electronic weighing, temperature control, and material level control for automatic production. From button panel to industry computer, we can customize control system according your specific requirements and budget.


●  Produce perfect wall panel building material

The EPS cement sandwich panel machine specializes n the production of light weight wall board featuring high density, flat and smooth surface. This automatic panel production line realizes the industrialization of the new building wall panel material production. The precast sandwich panel mold can adjust panel size up to 3m and thickness from 60 to 250mm.

●  Advancedlightweight EPS wall board mould forming process

– The EPS polystyrene wall panel machines is controlled by the hydraulic cylinder to double open to become horizontal way for worker fitting the mould quickly ( fit the calcium silicate board and accessories) .

– After finishing mould fit, the hydraulic cylinder push the wall panel EPS lightweight making device to be vertical status stand by for next step grouting from the top mouth.

Lower labor, high efficiency of producing EPS panel to save cost

The EPS lightweight wall board mold car in vertical way greatly reduces the labor intensity, less workers needed and improve wall panel EPS production efficiency.

Vertical Panel Mold Car High Capacity

Automatic Vertical Panel Machine
Overall Size3380*2200*2680mm
CapacityOutput/pieces per mould
Panel Qty40pcs36pcs32pcs30pcs26pcs22pcs16pcs

To know how much for the investment on automatic EPS panel line, please contact

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The Precast Concrete Wall Panel Production Line

Besides the vertical polystyrene panels molding machine, the lightweight eps wall board production line also include the following equipment: Boiler, EPS expander, Mixing Machine, Stationary Platform, Movable Slurry Infusing Machine, and Mobile Panel De-Moulding and Stacking Machine.


Capacity: 0.5t/h, 1t/h, 1.5t/h, 2t/h

Function: Generate the steam for the EPS expander

EPS Expander Machine with Fluidized Drying Bed

Function: Generate the steam for the EPS expander

Mixing Machine

Function: Mix materials, like cement, sand, fly ash, water, EPS and additives etc.

Movable Slurry Infusing Machine

Function: Infuse the slurry to the mold car

Stationary Platform and Movable Slurry Infusing Unit

Function: For slurry infusing, with optional natural and hydraulic methods.

Mobile Panel De-Moulding and Stacking Machine

Function: Automatic remove the finished panels from the mold cars and turn over the products for forklifts to transport and stack to the storage field.

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How Much To Produce Concrete EPS Panel?

We enjoy sharing our insulated sandwich panels line production experiences with our customers.
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Concrete Wall Panel

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