How to Make Cement Lightweight Panel

/How to Make Cement Lightweight Panel

How to Make Cement Lightweight Panel

Shelter is the prime need of the living creatures in the universe be it human, animals or birds. From grass houses to modern sky- scraper it has been a long journey. In this journey many alternatives have been tried and tested, each time looking for something better. Compulsion for cleaner environment has forced the governments to enact laws for cleaner, durable and Eco-friendly building materials. We needed a technology which is Economical, User friendly, Cost-effective, Easy to adapt, Fast construction, Durable and environmentally correct. Established in 1990, Hongfa group has been focusing on brick making machines manufacture and process technology. With our professional and aspiring team, Hongfa Machinery has made a number of milestones in R&D construction machines for building materials processing. Here we introduce the functions of our Hongfa wall panel making machine and the process of making concrete lightweight wall panels.

Hongfa Reliable Concrete Wall Panel Machines

Functions of Cement EPS Wall Panel Production Line

The concrete EPS lightweight wall panel machines focus on the production of light weight wallboard to make panels with flat surface, smooth and high density. Take the automatic panel line for an example, our Hongfa vertical panel production line has realized the industrialization manufacture of the new building partition panel material. In the automatic situation, the light weight cement eps wall panel machine is controlled by smart control box with the hydraulic system to double open to become horizontal way for worker fitting the mould ( fit the calcium silicate board and accessories). After finishing mould fit, the hydraulic cylinder push the wall panel eps lightweight making device to be vertical status stand by for next step grouting from the top.

9. Hongfa own precast cocnrete wall panel running line

It is in simple and reliable operation, thanks to the mature and stable equipment and technology. These advantages greatly eliminate random operation problems by labor works during the construction process and make it easier to make concrete lightweight sandwich wall panels.

How to make cement eps panel

Besides the full automatic vertical EPS lightweight wall panel mold car, the lightweight wall board production line also include the following equipments: Mixing Machine, Mobile Filling Machine, and Movable Panel Demoulding and Stacking Machine.

Mixing Machine for EPS Panel

Hongfa integrates with the domestic and foreign markets,independently researched and developed the foaming function forced type mixer, which stirs evenly, fully wrapped EPS particles, discharging prompt and fast for EPS panel slurry forming. The unique mixing technology and molding process can lower the water and cement ratio of lightweight concrete aggregate, improve the performance of the wall panel strength, and reduce the shrinkage value of wall panel.

EPS lightweight panel mixing machine

Movable Panel Filling Machine

Patent protected movable filling machine made by Hongfa is in independent research and development. It is superior by simple operation and easy maintenance, low cost, grouting fast, with high efficiency. To increase the slurry filling efficiency, we design two-hole filling way with high pressure infusion, and full filling core materials leave no dead angle to make excellent EPS panel with high density.

Sandwich wall panel infusing machine

Mobile Panel Demoulding and Stacking Machine Platform

This movable de-moulding and finished EPS panel turnover machine in automatic horizontal wall panel making system adopts hydraulic de-moulding, which leads to fast and convenient demoulding. It is designed with the function of panel stacking to make it easily turnover the finished panel after demoulding the panels from the panel making mold car. It is convenient for finish products pallet stacking and transportation.

Sandwich easy wall panel filling platform

EPS Raw Material Preparation Equipment

The concrete EPS insulated sandwich wall panel making equipment is equipped with EPS expender and fluidized bed dryer, including drying, automatic sieving, depluming and material conveying to silos.

Finished EPS Lightweight Sandwich Wall Panel

Hongfa concrete eps wall panel

We also have the high capacity manual sandwich wall panel making machine to make the concrete lightweight panels. The size is from 2270 to 3000mm and thickness (60~250mm) of lightweight EPS wall panel can be adjustable. The finished cement eps wall panel made by our production line is in good performance of waterproof and low shrinkage; Smooth and flat surface, environmental and non-toxic.Hongfa plant & machinery to produce EPS concrete wall panel

These kind of panels features lightweight, high-strength, sound insulation, thermal insulation, waterproof, fireproof and strong hanging force. It has the advantages of increasing area, economic benefit, easy constructed and civilized etc. Trust our experience to design long lasting solutions for your most complex operations. Simply reach out to the best first by contacting us today.


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