Concrete Lightweight EPS Wall Panel Description

With the rapid development of human society, mass housing and compulsion for a cleaner environment have been required. Hongfa is the pioneer in this construction filed and come out with new build materials after lot of research and development on the technologies for the products which are economical, user-friendly, cost-effective, easy-to-adapt, fastest construction, durable and environmentally friendly. This concrete EPS wall panel is lightweight and has a high breaking strength and surface hardness. It is now the favorite product of building industry world over. Trust our experience and let us serve you. Inquiry Now >>

Hongfa concrete eps wall panel

About the Concrete EPS Wall Panel

This lightweight EPS concrete sandwich wall panel is a new type of high-grade wall panel material with EPS cement mortar as core material, and calcium silicate board as the surface material. This Pre-Stressed Solid Panel or Hollow Core Slabs also achieves the compound collision resistance compared with traditional wall of clay bricks or concrete blocks.

This EPS wall panel size: length 2270/2440/2700/3000mm, width 600/610mm, thickness 60-250mm, (size and thickness can be adjusted). The product is of structural function, waterproof and thermal insulation performance, mainly used as building wall portion.

Besides the polystyrene EPS grain type sandwich wall panel, the sandwich panels can be made with ceramsite grain, EPS board, expandable polystyrene sheet or concrete by the same Hongfa wall panel machines.

Concrete EPS Wall Panel Raw Materials

When considering a building project, to reach high return of investment, the easy touch of raw material is an important factor. The production of EPS (Expandable Polystyrene Styrofoam) concrete wall panel must be with rich and extensive sources of raw materials to make it applied widely.

The precast EPS concrete sandwich wall panel which is recyclable and reducing pollution is made by properly mixing Cement, EPS (polystyrene foam particles or polystyrene grain), fly ash (optional), sand (optional) and additives. The sources of main raw materials of wall panel like cement, fly ash, sand and EPS foam particles sources are abundant and extensive. 

Concrete eps wall panel raw material picture
Hongfa concrete eps wall panel

Concrete EPS Wall Panel Features

This concrete lightweight EPS wall panel is an ideal solution for today’s cleaner environment requirements. The panels are durable, cost-effective and with quicker completion time to satisfy the economic and fast construction schedule demand. It has the following features:


– High strength
– Durable
– Dry wall and friendly

Cost Effective

– Fast installation
– Fewer labor hours
– No need plastering

Transport Efficiency

– Lightweight 600-800kg/m3
– Cost saving

Thermal Insulation

– U Value < 0.4
– Energy efficient

Concrete EPS Wall Panel Specifications 

The concrete sandwich EPS wall panel is one of the lightweight cement easy wall panel material. It can reduce wall occupying space, increase the rate of using residential space, reduce structure load, promote building anti-seismic ability and safety performance, reduce the comprehensive cost. So it is a good building material with long life and low maintenance performance.

● Lightweight and Economical      ● Excellent thermal insulation

● Environmentally friendly             ● High strength and Easy installation

● Superior acoustic, water and fire resistance performance

Concrete eps wall panel raw material picture

Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel Advantages

These sandwich concrete EPS wall panels have 1/10 weight of the traditional brick construction which further reduces the size and load bearing requirements of beams, columns, and foundations making huge difference in the construction cost. Be it a small house in the village or a sky scraper in a modern city, they are now in use, for this building material is superior by the following aspects:

– High efficiency, short duration
– Easy constructed and civilized
– Environmental and non-toxic
– Increasing area, economic benefit

– Good performance of waterproof
– Low shrinkage, strong heat resistance
– Smooth and flat surface
– Fire resistance is high and the limit is long

– Sound insulation is good
– Light wight and high-strength
– Strong hanging force
– Good performance of warm keeping

Hongfa Concrete lightweight eps wall panel advantages

Concrete EPS Sandwich Wall Panel Applications

This kind of EPS Sandwich Wall Panel is widely used for partition board in non-bearing wall, exterior wall in steel structure. This EPS Solid Wall Panel or Hollow Core slabs are also ready to use slabs for roofing and flooring and are best combined with Hongfa light weight EPS Cement panels as walling material. Combination of these two gives the ultimate economic advantages and time saving in modern buildings for house construction, fire walls, fences, footings, retaining walls, bungalows, high-rise buildings, basements, walk-in fridges, hotels, schools, shopping malls, villas and etc.

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Machines to Make Concrete Wall Panel

Equipped with the advanced facility, Hongfa Group provides solutions of the best wall panel plant for concrete EPS panel, gypsum board, foam cement panel, and precast concrete panel etc. The annual output can be customized from 50,000 to 2,000,000m2. The concrete sandwich EPS wall panel machines manufactured by Hongfa Machinery Group range from manual high output vertical panel machine, automatic easy operation horizontal panel machine to full automatic high efficient vertical wall panel making machine. Contact us today to get the good proposals from Hongfa. Inquiry Now >> 

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