What is Concrete EPS Easy Wall and the Machinery to Make Cement Wall Panels?

/What is Concrete EPS Easy Wall and the Machinery to Make Cement Wall Panels?

What is Concrete EPS Easy Wall and the Machinery to Make Cement Wall Panels?

To pursue a cleaner environment, we needed a technology which is Economical, User friendly, Cost-effective, Easy to adapt, Fast construction, Durable and environmentally correct. From grass houses to modern sky- scraper with building materials, like concrete blocks, AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) blocks to concrete lightweight cement wall panel, it has been a long journey. In this journey many building materials alternatives have been tried and tested.

For building material process machines, Hongfa Group has been pioneer in this field from concrete block making machines, automatic AAC blocks production line to the latest EPS cement wall panel plants. Hongfa has been doing lot of research and development, to come out with a good product meeting all the demands of changed parameters. Here we introduce the cement wall panels and the plant & machinery to produce sandwich wall panels.

Hongfa Concrete Wall Panel Picture

What are the cement wall panels or called concrete EPS easy wall panel?

This kind of concrete EPS (Expandable Polystyrene Styrofoam) easy wall panel is made of cement, EPS as core raw materials and the calcium silicate board or fiber cement board as skin board. This cement wall panels are lightweight, strong and highly insulated sandwich panels used to form the floors, interior and exterior walls and roofs of buildings.

What are the cement wall panel raw materials?

Core raw materials:

– Cement

– EPS (Expandable Polystyrene Styrofoam)

– Sand or Fly ash (Optional)

Skin board

– Calcium Silicate Board

– Fiber Cement Board

Hongfa Cement Wall Panels Raw Materials

It is green concrete building material, lightweight in core parts and has a high breaking strength on the face material. This cement EPS easy wall panel also achieves the compound collision resistance compared with traditional wall of clay bricks or blocks.

What are the concrete sandwich EPS easy wall panel size?

It is easy to get the raw materials of concrete easy wall panel, like cement, and EPS. And the common concrete EPS easy wall size is length 2270/2440/2770/3000mm, width 600/610mm, thickness 60-200mm (size and thickness can be adjusted). It is available for the same floor in sizes up to 2000mm and 6000mm panels or higher by cutting and joint well. This cement wall panel can quickly be assembled into the whole structured wall by common tools and basic construction skills.

Hongfa EPS Easy Cement Wall Panel Buildings

The conventional walls are made using traditional Bricks & Mortar, AAC Blocks and Dry Partition walls. In hence, these sandwich concrete EPS wall panels are a perfect alternate to these dry walls. We at Guangxi Hongfa Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd offer an intuitive way to construct walls through our exclusive range of concrete lightweight EPS wall panels and SIP panels (structural insulated panels).

The Advantages of Lightweight Cement EPS Wall Panels:

Hongfa cement EPS wall panels are thermal insulation and heat insulation, energy saving, fire proof, moisture-proof waterproof, weather proof, lightweight, easy for construction, high strength and have many other advantages. It is now the favorite product of green building industry world over. Be it a small house in the village or a sky scraper in a modern city, they are now in use, taking advantages of the cement wall panel superior performances as below:

EPS Cement Wall Panel Advantages in Performance:

1) Energy saving: superior performance

2) Heat savings: Most of the cement wall panel is fairy of light material (EPS) and therefore eco-friendly.

3) Insulation Energy: Keep the inside temperature (hot and cold)

4) Fire resistance: With both sides in the internal calcium silicate board and mixed in EPS – concrete, this cement wall panels can withstand 1000 degrees for 4 hours.

5) Waterproof: All tests on EPS cement wall panel show that these panels are absolutely isolated.

6) Sound insulation: The interior of the cement wall panels has an excellent sound insulation. 

Hongfa Concrete lightweight eps wall panel advantages

EPS Cement Wall Panel Advantages in Building Construction:

1) Fast constructive process

– Easy installation: The use of EPS wall panel allows easy mounting

– Reduced time: A house of 50 sqm with this concrete wall system requires a work of 3 people, For one day, while the traditional system serve a minimum of 7 days to finish.

– Finish: The tiles after grouting are ready to receive surface staining, being already dry, while with the traditional method, in addition to having coating must wait for the drying times for power end with the dyeing.

2) Very high safety performance

– High intensity: The cement wall panels have a high resistance to nails, anchors and other coupling systems in order to attack paintings, wall or furniture in general. They can be also immediately covered with ceramics, wallpaper, wood paneling and paintings.

– Resistance to earthquakes: The estate of these cementw all panels is guaranteed up to earthquakes magnitude 8.5.

Hongfa Concrete EPS Easy Wall Buildings

3) Space, labor and cost saving:

– Space saving: This EPS cement wall panels of varying thickness between 60 and 200 mm equivalent to thicknesses greater than traditional masonry. This means that you can save space storage at the construction sites.

– Savings in labor costs: The speed of cement wall construction allows strong savings.

– Cost savings of foundation: Given that the total weight of a house in panels is about 1/12 of a built with traditional method, the average costs savings foundation should be evaluated in 1.3 compared to traditional foundations.

Machinery to Make Cement Wall Panels/Concrete EPS Wall Panels:

With the above mentioned advantages, this Cement Wall Panel/Concrete Sandwich  EPS wall panel have become a hot product in demand world over and many countries are now going for local cement wall panel production due to freight cost factor.

We at Hongfa Heavy Machinery offer an innovative cement wall panel machines to make this lightweight easy wall by forming the face board calcium silicate boards or fiber cement board, cement and Expandable Polystyrene Styrofoam (EPS) well to an entire board.

1. Hongfa full automatic vertical EPS sandwich concrete wall panel making machine.

With the mature and stable technology, this lightweight cement EPS wall panel machine made by Hongfa Machinery is with exclusive patent. It specializes in the production of light weight cement wallboard featuring flat surface and smooth and high density. This high capacity cement wall panel plant realizes the industrial requirements of the new building partition wall panel material. It can easily make the sandwich concrete dry wall panel with the size: length 2270/2440/2700/3000mm, width 600/610mm, thickness 60-200mm (size and thickness can be adjusted).

It is superior by full automatic cement wall panel operation, high capacity and with fewer workers. This Hongfa exclusive EPS sandwich concrete dry wall panel machine is designed to achieve simple and reliable operation. Also, the lightweight EPS wall board building machine greatly reduces the labor intensity of production workers and improve wall panel EPS production efficiency.

Automatic Vertical Wall Panel Mold Car

2. Hongfa automatic horizontal type EPS cement wall panel making machine

This EPS cement wall panel making machine is automatic and horizontal type, featuring easy operation and with less workers. The automatic horizontal concrete eps wall panel plant has good performance in producing cement wall panel, for it is developed by high precise injecting, good controls for raw material mixing, and keeping well with the foamed material equal wrapping and prevents the EPS beads from agglomerate.

It can easily make the sandwich concrete dry wall panel with the size: length 2270/2440/2700/3000mm, width 600/610mm, thickness 60-200mm (size and thickness can be adjusted).

3. Hongfa manual vertical EPS lightweight concrete wall panel making machine.

This sandwich concrete dry wall panel is in low investment, the highest capacity and the fast material filling speed. It can make 40pcs 100mm thickness for 2440mm/3000mm length panels in one wall panel mold car. This kind of sandwich lightweight cement wall panel machine can be considered due to the limit of functional requirements.

It also can make the sandwich concrete dry wall panel with the size: length 2270/2440/2700/3000mm, width 600/610mm, thickness 60-200mm (size and thickness can be adjusted).

Hongfa Manual Panel Mold Car

Hongfa Heavy Machinery Company is a leading name in Concrete EPS Wall Panel Making Machine, Fully Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine, Concrete Ready Mix Plant, Automatic AAC Block Production Line, Concrete Tile Making Machine, Concrete Pipe Making Machine, Concrete EPS Wall Panel, Concrete Terrazzo Tile Making Machine, Automatic Concrete Block Cuber, Mining Machinery, GMT Pallets/PVC Pallets for Cement Brick Making Machine etc.

We offer the longest international warranty and local support in the industry that speaks for our cement wall panel machine quality. We will be happy to serve you please email us with your query on yuki@hfmachines.com or whatsapp 0086 18378813711.

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