Automatic Block Cuber Machine Descriptions

The competition of regular concrete block products is cost containment. Taking the advantage of our Hongfa Fully Automatic Block Cuber stacking the cured blocks quickly and efficiently to save labors, the concrete block production line will drive you to win the market. Hongfa is one of the best automatic block cuber system manufacturers and suppliers in China. Trust our experience and let’s serve you. Contact us today to save your money. Inquiry Now >>

Hongfa simple automatic block production line drawing

About Automatic Block Cuber

Equipped with an easy operation Touch Panel with convenience and strong adaptability, this Hongfa new technology concrete block palletizing machine highly improves the rate of finished cement bricks, reduces the working intensity and save labor cost. Compared with the traditional stacking way of cured blocks by separating the blocks from pallets by hand with greatly inefficient and high labor cost, the block cuber machine can help you earn more money. Contact us today to see how.

Automatic Block Cuber Features

Hongfa automatic block cuber machine is very useful and high efficient to remove cured blocks from pallets automatically for every stander of concrete block making production line. Our professionals have designed solutions to help you get the most from your investment.  

* Cuber Dimension                        10m (L)*W6.1m(W)*4.5m(H)

* Cubering Cycle Time                   18-25s

* Maximum Stacking Width          1300mm

* Total power                                  25kw

* Capacity                                       8-12pcs (400*200*200mm)/time

* Motor rotate speed                     800-2500r/min

simple cocnrete block production line
concrete block cuber automatic brick stacker machine

Automatic Block Cuber Advantages

This block stacker is also called cuber or manipulator. It has multipurpose for all kinds of blocks stack up by separating blocks from the pallets. When the blocks was stacked up to a certain quantity, the belt conveyor can delivery the blocks to the forklift trucking position, clamping up then send to the yard, and then stacking up & moving out the pallets for reusing. With PLC program control and mechanical driving system, and by simple & reasonable design, it makes the finished block stacker working stably and operating easily.  

This cement block stacker is suitable for various block machine, saving time and labor for blocks stacker. The automatic block cuber adopts mechanical transmission, hydraulic integration, PLC control, and simple and reasonable structure, which is stable and convenient in operation. Saving 4-6 times workers, the block cuber efficiency is very impressive. It can automatically remould pallet bricks, to save about $30,000 for a block factory with an annual output of 50,000 square meter hollow block. 

Hongfa Automatic Block Palletizer in the Production Line

Hongfa Automatic Block Cuber in Simple Automatic Block Production Line
Hongfa automatic block cuber system1
Hongfa automatic block cuber system3
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Available Concrete Block Types and Sizes

It is convenient to use Hongfa high technology concrete block cuber machine to seperate solid blocks, hollow blocks, cellular masonry bricks, paving stones garden and landscaping products, slabs, edgers, kerbstones, grass blocks, slope blocks, interlocking blocks, etc. from pallets. The minimum clamping block height should be 65mm.

The automatic block cuber is also called palletizer. We are able to customize the concrete block cuber system or palletizing machine to meet your individual brick processing task. Trust our experience to design long lasting solutions for your most complex operations. Simply reach out to the best first by contacting us today.

Hongfa simple automatic block production line drawing

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