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Auto Vertical Sandwich Concrete Wall Panel Machine

Full Automatic Concrete Wall Panel Mold Car, High Capacity, Easy Operation

Concrete Block Making Machine Host

Full Automatic, Outstanding Performance, High Capacity, Integrated Control System

Hongfa Auto Concrete Block Cuber

Automatic Block Cuber, High Efficiency, Good Performance, Save Labors

Hongfa Concrete EPS Wall Panel

Thermal Insulation, Waterproof, Fireproof, Excellent Building Material

Hongfa Pallet Free Block Making Machine

High Capacity, Automatic Production, Smart Control, Save Money

Hongfa Terrazzo Tile Floor Machine

Semi-automatic Tile Making Machine, Easy Operation, Low Investment


Since 1990, we have been perfecting and refining the building materials production, writing industry standards and innovating products!


 At Hongfa, our mission isn’t simply about providing industry leading construction products, services and equipment. It’s about Building Innovation. 

Hongfa Machinery Factory Workshop Warehouse and Certificates

We make excellent Concrete Construction Machines

Hongfa Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional construction machines manufacturer for 30+ years.  

With a commitment to growth and innovation, Hongfa has become the reliable Chinese Top 3 brand supplying the best quality plant and solutions of the construction machines for building materials processing. Our products ranges: Concrete EPS Lightweight Wall Panel Machine, Automatic Cement Block Making Machine, Concrete Ready Mix Plant, AAC Block Production Line, Automatic Block Cuber and Terrazzo Tile Machine etc. Read more >>

“We duly appreciate the good services rendered by Hongfa. They help design the best concrete light weight wall production line for me.We also receive useful solutions to maintain our EPS panel machines operations.”

Vitór Alves Sousa, from Brazil

“Hongfa’s innovative auto EPS panel machine has excellent productivity. Their quality and stability is beyond my expectation. I have to say Hongfa is a good partner.”

Mr. Lee from Malaysia

“We are very grateful to Hongfa for helping us with the precious automatic block plant. We received personalized services from the company.Their technology is great and effective.”

Mr. Ahmed, from Saudi Arabia

“Their lightweight wall panel system helped us increase 20% efficiency substantially. It’s a good number for cost containment.”

Mr. Edward from Thailand

“We have contacted several companies to help us in our concrete lightweight panel project, and we eventually settled for Hongfa because of the expertise they brought to the table”. We are very impressive by their advanced technology and innovation.”

Mr. Jeremy from Philippines

“Hongfa did a wonderful job in helping us design, install and implement our concrete block production line. We loved their team of hard-working and professional services.Their products quality is very good.”

John E. Mart, from South Africa

“Have worked with Hongfa over 5 years. Satisfied with their brick machines performance, rate and after sale services. Keep going on, Hongfa ”

Lâm Công Ta, from Vietnam

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Hongfa Construction Machine Projects

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