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Terrazzo Tile Making Machine Descriptions

This HFT300 terrazzo tile machine developed by Hongfa Machinery with customized pattern can produce terrazzo tile, floor tile, paving tile and garden tile etc. With the strong Manganese steel mold and good user experience design, this cement terrazzo tile making machine has good performance to make the terrazzo tile stone. Reach out to us today to find your solution. Inquiry Now >>

Hongfa Terrazzo Tile Floor Making Machine

Terrazzo Tile Machine Features

Adopting the stable and strong steel raw materials from famous Chinese steel company, this concrete terrazzo tile is with high quality. And the mould of terrazzo tile stone is processed by carburized heat treatment to enable more than one million times lifetime. With the strong and stable structure, we guarantee the concrete tile machine with easy operation and help you earn money. Contact us today to see how.

*Molding pressure: 300T

*Motor power: 18.5kw

*Capacity: 2,500-2,800pcs

*Weight: 5400kg

*Rated hydraulic pressure: 16Mpa

*Overall dimension: 3000x1800x1950mm

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Terrazzo Tile Machine Advantages

This Hongfa HFT300 concrete tile making machine is superior to make the popular Terrazzo Tile Stone. It has the following advantages:

*Special designed for manual operation, low investment, high efficiency

*Strong structure guarantees the performance of the tile machine during operation

*Two molds at both sides, can produce terrazzo tiles at the same time

*Hydraulic pressure guarantees the high density of the terrazzo tile

*The tile floor machine is with easy operation and low maintenance rate

*Only three or four workers can run the terrazzo tile molding machine

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Hongfa Terrazzo Tile Making Machine

Hongfa HFT300 Terrazzo Tile Making Machine Pictures

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Hongfa Terrazzo Tile Machine2
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Raw Materials to Produce Terrazzo Tile Floor

It is convenient to use Hongfa concrete terrazzo tile making machine to make tile floor stone. The optional raw materials to make terrazzo tile block are crushed stone, stone powder, cement, marble chips, glass, quartz chips, sand, cinder, gravel etc. The flexible terrazzo tile block making machine can make the tile floor without color or with the color by face mix.

We are able to customize the concrete terrazzo tile floor making machine to meet your individual tile stone processing task. Trust our experience to design long lasting solutions for your most complex operations. Simply reach out to the best first by contacting us today.

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Terrazzo Tile Floor Pictures
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