Concrete Mixing and Batching Plant Descriptions

The Hongfa series concrete mixing and batching plant is an automatic cement mixing assembly consisting of batching, mixing and computerized control system. Equipped with high- precision microcomputer control and separate manual control, the plant has features for batch mixing memory, automatic drop compensation and sandstone moisture content compensation. This with printing system gives highly automatic production of commercial ready mixed concrete saving lot of time and money.  Contact us today to speak with an expert. Inquiry Now >>

Hongfa Concrete Ready Mix Production Line

At Hongfa, we take great pride in understanding your unique process and design the concrete batching plant with extremely power consumption saving and accurate production to meet your needs.

Hongfa designed control system employs advanced industrial computer and PLC control mode to achieve both automatic control for aggregate feeding, mixing, and discharging in the whole process. The 60m3/h, 120m3/h, 180m3/h, 200m3/h, 240m3/h, and 360m3/h concrete capacity are available for you. Trust our experience to design long lasting solutions for your most complex operations. Simply reach out to the best by contacting us today.

Concrete precast easy wall panel production line drawing

Hongfa Concrete Batching Plants

Hongfa Concrete Batching Plant HZS35
Hongfa Concrete Batching Plant HLS60
Hongfa Concrete Batching Plants HLS120
Hongfa Concrete Batching Plant HLS360

Equipment of the Concrete Batching Production Line

The following components are included in the concrete batching plant. Stability and productivity are at the foundation of our basic principles. All equipment in the batching production line have been tested by production including modular design of screws. Enable us to earn your trust. Contact us today.

Cement Silo for Concrete Batching Plant

Cement Silo

Different sizes and capacity cement silos are used as storage and automatic release of dry material like cement, sand fly ash etc. This attached with screw belt conveyor woks for automatic feeder. With vibrating discharge mechanism and auto-release system this is most convenient, economical and money saving. The chip form cement silo designed and produced by Hongfa to save cargo space and costs. 

2.Screw conveyor for Concrete Batching Plant

Screw Conveyor

With the rotating helical screw blade system in steel tube, Hongfa screw conveyor is used for bulk handling of dry, semi-solid and slurry material horizontally or at a slight incline efficiently to move and feed materials. Our screw conveyor uses tough motor system with sealed protection for longer life. With high-quality reducer and heavy-design, it is superior by low noise, no dust leakage and long service life.

Material Batching Machine for Concrete Batching Plant

Materials Batching Machine

Hongfa materials batching machine PLD series has detachable structure, making it easy to be fed. It can batch various materials automatically according to the mixture ratio set by users. Electric weighing with a sensor has advantages of accurate weighing and precise batching. Strong microcomputer control system makes it easy for users to operate with just one key. Easy to clean, maintain and service. 

Concrete Mixer for Batching Plant

Concrete Mixer

Hongfa JS series twine shaft forced concrete mixer is an ideal material mixing unit for concrete batching plant, with the advantages of highly automatic operation, excellent mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise pollution, easy handle and maintenance. Our machine has the advantages of high quality reasonable price good performance and long service life.

Control System for Concrete Batching Plant

Control System

Controlled by centralized Intelligent computer control and equipped with advanced printing and monitoring system, the concrete batching plant activities are Pre feed as per the batch requirement and thereafter the operation is taken over under control. Top quality components like Schneider Electronics, SIEMENS to make sure the stable controlling system and high working and efficient daily production.

Weigh Control System for Concrete Batching Plant

Weighing System

This is computer controlled automatic weighing system for batch weighing of each material and fill into the pouring mixer. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of stationary concrete batching plants,our company has focused on the creation and innovation of accurate material weighing system to make sure the effective way to smooth and economicalconcrete production every day.

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