Cement wall panels, or called lightweight EPS ( Expanded Polystyrene Styrofoam) wall panel product is manufactured from cement, and insulated cores made of expanded EPS particles. With this kind of green building material concrete EPS lightweight wall panel for buildings, it can reduce wall occupying space, increase the rate of using residential space, reduce structure load, promote building anti-seismic ability and safety performance, and reduce the comprehensive cost.

Hongfa EPS concrete wall panel buildings

The environmental friendly concrete EPS Wall Panels produced by Hongfa exclusive cement wall panel plant & machinery has very low thermal conductivity value compared to other normal building materials. Therefore in summer, it keeps the interior cooler and in winter, it keeps the building warmer by preventing the external effect of the environment. Taking the advantage of eps cement wall panel, the buildings are superior by saving the energy requirement for heating or cooling up to 60-80%, and are more comfortable for the inhabitant in terms of heating and cooling. It becomes more and more popular in the construction filed. Here we introduce how to make cement wall panels by Hongfa Panel Machinery.

What machine to make EPS concrete lightweight wall panel?

1) Hongfa automatic concrete EPS sandwich wall panel making machine. (vertical type)

This vertical EPS cement wall panel machine developed by Hongfa is full automatic type with advanced technology. Hongfa always highlight the machinery quality and applies very strict quality control on the raw materials resources and production process. For the machinery to make cement wall panels, we focus on the detailed parts improvement, like hydraulic station, chassis assembly, back plate, partition board, aluminum frame, control system, and single screws etc. to help bring our clients with the best user experience and reduce the maintenance cost.

Automatic Vertical Wall Panel Mold Car

The Automatic Cement Wall Panel Machine Capacity (Vertical Type)

Sandwich Panel Vertical Mould Machine (Automatic Type)
Overall Size 3380*2200*2680mm
Power 4KW
Capacity Output/pieces per mould
Thickness 60mm 75mm 90mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm
Panel Qty 40pcs 36pcs 32pcs 30pcs 26pcs 22pcs 16pcs

2) Hongfa automatic concrete sandwich wall panel making machine. (horizontal type)

Stability and productivity are at the foundation of our basic principles. The EPS sandwich cement panel made by Hongfa Machinery’s automatic horizontal cement wall panel plant is in high-strength, high-density, and flat & smooth surface.

Our automatic cement wall panel plant is leading the technology of China-made panel equipment. With the unique design, the horizontal machinery to make cement wall panels specializes in the production of light weight wallboard which has a flat surface, smooth and high density. Its stability and productivity have been witnessed and proven by many well-known international groups’ production. Also, the compatibility of the precast cement wall panel machine enables various material options for different board processing task.

Hongfa Auto Horizontal Mold Car

The Automatic Cement Wall Panel Machine Capacity (Horizontal Type)

Sandwich Panel Horizontal Mould Machine (Automatic Type)
Overall Size 2750*2504*1359mm
Power 3KW
Capacity Output/pieces per mould
Thickness 60mm 75mm 90mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm
Panel Qty 16pcs 14pcs 12pcs 12pcs 10pcs 8pcs 6pcs

3) Hongfa vertical EPS concrete wall panel making machinery & plant. (manual type)

The manual cement wall panel plant to produce sandwich eps wall panels is in vertical type with high capacity. This machinery to make cement wall panels is in low investment, so it is easy for business start-up. Each Hongfa sandwich wall panels plant & machinery have been tested by production including modular design of screws. We will not only save your time but increase productivity and product quality. This is how strong businesses develop great products. We are pleased to customize the precast sandwich wall panels machine according to customers’ individual processing purpose for panel sizes.

Hongfa Manual Panel Mold Car

The  Cement Wall Panel Machine Capacity (Manual Type)

Sandwich Panel Vertical Mould Machine (Manual Type)
Overall Size 3600*1320*2800mm
Capacity Output/pieces per mould
Thickness 60mm 75mm 90mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm
Panel Qty 58pcs 50pcs 42pcs 40pcs 34pcs 28pcs 20pcs


The Raw Materials to Make EPS Concrete Lightweight Sandwich Wall Panels?

When considering a building project, both the easy access of raw material and the raw material cost are important factors. The overall world development trend for building material is from clay to non-clay, from heavy to lightweight, from low intensity to high-strength, from high to low energy consumption. The main raw materials of cement wall panel are cement, EPS foam particles (Expandable Polystyrene Styrofoam) or optional fly ash and sand slag. These raw materials for concrete lightweight cement wall panel are abundant and extensive.

Hongfa Cement Wall Panels Raw Materials

What Are the Cement EPS Wall Panel Features and Applications?

The Cement EPS Sandwich Lightweight Wall Panel features high strength, impact resistance, strong hanging force, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, easy cutting, can be arbitrary slot, without rendering coat, dry decoration, environmental protection etc. This concrete precast eps wall panel is superior with the comprehensive advantages that other wall panel can’t compare with. These cement wall panels are with the feature of 1/10 weight of the traditional brick construction It can further reduce the size and load bearing requirements of beams, columns, and foundations, so the cement wall panel makes huge difference in the construction cost.

This EPS concrete lightweight wall panel is of structural function, mainly used as building wall partition, roof, floor etc. for hotels, high-rise buildings, retaining walls, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, villas and etc.

Cement EPS Wall Panel Features and Applications

What are Hongfa services for concrete EPS wall panel plant supply?

Hongfa Group is committed to building strong client relationships and assisting our clients to achieve their ultimate strategic objectives. We not only provide the high quality machinery to help clients make cement wall panels, but also look for long term partners for mutual benefits. “Hongfa” brand is well-known and Hongfa construction machinery sell well to the whole world.

Pre-Sales Service

* Free inquiry and consulting support for the for the cement wall panel plant or concrete eps wall panel production line.

* Analyze customers’ needs and market prospect.

* View our Factory for the cement eps wall panel machinery.

* Provide perfect solution to set up a factory to perform eps sandwich wall panels production.

After-Sales Service

* One year guarantee for the lightweight sandwich wall panels plant.

* Engineers available to service machinery overseas with the concrete EPS sandwich light weight wall panel machinery installation, training and maintenance.

* Supply free consultation and parts services for the cemetn eps sandwich wall panels making machine.

Hongfa Factory and Workshop to make EPS concrete wall panel

This Concrete EPS Wall Panels have been approved by many countries and now the construction industry can enjoy the benefits of this modern technology. In the Cement Wall Panel product advantage section of this presentation, you can get full information on these easy wall and the plant & machinery to produce sandwich wall panels, its technology and the great advantages which are over the traditional building construction. We will be happy to receive your inquiry. Please contact yuki@hfmachines.com or Whatsapp 0086 18378813711.