Concrete AAC Block Production Line Descriptions

AAC (Autoclave Aerated Concrete) is a new type building material using mainly Siliceous materials (fly-ash, sand, slag), Calcareous materials (lime, cement and gypsum) and Aluminum powder. HONGFA provides project report about product quality, production speed for AAC plant, hereby combining everything you need in order to make your project successful. Our wealthy experience in AAC block plant technology, running production line, and innovation in installation work can help you get the most from your investment. Contact us now to speak your requirements with an expert. Inquiry Now >>

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Production Line

Hongfa’s aerated concrete installations are proven advanced technology processes, designed as specific requirements. This approach allows complete solutions to ensure highly efficient, optimized processes resulting in consistent final AAC Block quality. The AAC plant includes:  Raw Material preparation → Mixing & pouring → Molding → Curing & Cutting → Steam generating system → Autoclaving →  Finished products Upload & Packing.

Hongfa AAC Block Production Line Photo
AAC Concrete Block Plant

AAC Concrete Block Plant

AAC block advantages: lightweight (500-650kg/m³); perfect thermal insulation property: 0.1-0.20W/(m.k); High Intensity; Fireproofing; Perfect sound insulation; Heat resistant; Clean construction site; Earthquake-proof; Fast construction speed. Optional standard bricks or steel reinforced blocks sizes, like 600×200×100/150/200, 80×80×180, 240×115×53 etc.

AAC Block Outer Wall
AAC Block internal wall
AAC Block Floor panel

Automatic Concrete AAC Block Making Production Line

Jaw Crusher for AAC Block Production Line

Jaw Crusher

This Jaw Crusher used in the concrete AAC block production line is to crush and reduce large size block and lumps of lime and other materials with strengthens than 320MPa into smaller particle and powder, or powder dust Jaw crusher is used.

Turning and Demoulding Device for AAC Block Production Line

Turn & Demould Device

The overturn & lifting unit overturn the mold car (with raw cake and side plate) 90 degree and lift and place the raw cake onto the cutting car after de-molding. It also resets the mold car and return to rails and lift it to the pouring rail for the next cycle.

Multiple Step Cutting Machine for AAC Block Production Line

Multiple Cutting Machine

The cutting car moves to the position for vertical and groove cutting then move to horizontal cutting. After the cutting the car moves to grouping hanger to lift the block on to curing cart. And the cutting car return for the next cutting cycle.

Autoclave for AAC Block Production Line

AAC Block Autoclave

This is fully automatic autoclave of Autoclave Aerated Concrete Plant with steam and high pressure curing of the concrete AAC blocks. The raw cakes are curried in the autoclave with high temperature and pressure for about 8 to 9 hours.

AAC Block Moulds Autoclave for AAC Block Production Line

AAC Block Moulds

The mould is to the manufacturing of autoclaved aerated concrete products. This AAC mould is helpful for the whole process of each production step and make sure the high standards AAC block production. 

Ball Mill Autoclave for AAC Block Production Line

Ball Mill

This is a large rotating slurry making and mixing ball mill with beating system to prepare ready mix for concrete AAC block mold feeding. It is self-rotating on its axel and also screen the material for uniformity.

AAC Block Separator Autoclave for AAC Block Production Line

AAC Block Separator

The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Separator is used for separating the AAC blocks or AAC panels from the autoclave, as the blocks or panels always stick together during the steam curing process.

Rotating and Overturn Platform Autoclave for AAC Block Production Line

Rotate & Overturn Platform

The raw cake is rotated and overturned 90 degrees for removing the surface materials after cutting with the help of platform and removed surface materials will fall into the channel for recycle used.

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