The lightweight EPS (Expandable Polystyrene Styrofoam) concrete wall panel is a new type of high-grade board building material, and the cement wall panels and slabs can be used in different soil conditions.  This sandwich wall panels take the EPS polystyrene particles mixed with mortar as core material, and calcium silicate board or fiber cement board as the surface material.

Hongfa Concrete Wall Panel Picture

Compared to normal constructions, the dead weight of the concrete wall panels & slabs are lower. Therefore, it is also suitable in low dead weight bearing soils, as the superstructure is lighter reducing the material requirement in the foundation. In hence, using the EPS cement wall panels for buildings is ultimately reducing the construction cost. Here we provide the instructions that how the EPS cement wall panels are formed.

Hongfa Wall EPS Panels for Interior and Exterior Wall

The Raw Materials to Make Lightweight EPS Concrete Wall Panel

The overall world development trend of brick is from clay to non-clay, from solid to hollow, from the small to large, from heavy to lightweight, from low intensity to high-strength, from high to low energy consumption. The new green building material EPS concrete lightweight wall panel is becoming popular. The main raw materials of sandwich wall panel are cement, EPS foam particles, and the optional fly ash and sand slag . These raw materials of cement EPS wall panel production are abundant and extensive.

Hongfa Cement Wall Panels Raw Materials

Equipment: EPS Hoppers, Hongfa Mixer and Hongfa Cement Wall Panel Plant & Machinery

Step 1: Place and mix lightweight EPS polystyrene beans, water and cement raw materials.

Firstly, placewater into Hongfa concrete mixer, which have optional sizes: 1m3, 2m3, 3m3, 4m3 or 5m3. The amount of water depends on the size of concrete mixer you choose. Secondly, add in any additive you wish to use in the concrete, and mix the add-ins thoroughly with the water. Thirdly, automatically add the Portland cement through screw conveyor transport. Sand or fly ash materials are optional. If you want to mix with sand or fly ash to make the EPS core materials, you can add them during the process. Later, mix thoroughly with the water, creating a mix that’s soupy in texture.

Concrete eps wall panel raw material picture

Step 2: Mix EPS polystyrene particle and cement to make concrete EPS core materials.

After that, place the certain EPS particles after accurate weighing by Hongfa EPS weighing scale by the EPS pipes. During the process, continue adding the EPS Styrofoam, taking the time to mix in the Hongfa concrete mixer after the addition to the cement mixture until the EPS concrete is made. All mixing process is simply performed with our Hongfa powerful mixer.

Note: The EPS cement core mixing video is available. Please contact yuki@hfmachines to get the video and more details on the EPS mortar mix.

EPS lightweight panel mixing machine

Step 3: Filling the Ready Concrete EPS to the Hongfa Wall Panel Making Machines.

When the EPS core mortar is ready. It is time to fill the finished concrete EPS to our Hongfa wall panel mold cars. It is very important to make good and strong EPS wall panel with the right time and filling way. During this process, the EPS Cement Wall Panels will be formed.

Three types of cement wall panel plant and machinery are available from Hongfa Company. The introduction of manual vertical EPS wall panel machine, automatic horizontal concrete wall panel machine and automatic vertical EPS sandwich wall panels machinery are below:

1. Hongfa Automatic Vertical Cement Wall Panel Machine

This vertical EPS cement wall panel machine is developed by Hongfa. The eps mold car is exclusive, for the special design makes it automatic, high capacity and high efficiency. Hongfa applies very strict quality control on the automatic vertical panel machinery production.

Automatic vertical concrete panel machine

2. Hongfa Automatic Horizontal Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel Machine

Our automatic cement wall panel plant is leading the technology of China-made panel equipment. With the unique design, the horizontal machinery to make cement wall panels specializes in the production of light weight EPS wallboard which has a flat surface, smooth and high density. This Hongfa horizontal automatic wall panel machines is workable to make other wall panels, such as CLC panels, gypsum board, foam cement wall panel and precast concrete wall panels.

Automatic horizontal concrete panel machine

3. Hongfa Manual Cement Wall Panel Plant & Machinery

This vertical manual EPS wall panel machine is to produce sandwich eps wall panels is in high capacity and low investment, so it is easy for business start-up.

Note: We are pleased to customize the precast sandwich wall panels machine according to customers’ individual processing purpose for different board types or panel sizes.

Manual lightweight concrete panel machine

Step 4: Concrete EPS Wall Panel Demoulding Process

This concrete eps will be used as a slab or wall material, so after pour the finished concrete eps directly into the Hongfa wall panel machinery, then can place and leave it to cure. After 4-8 hours curing time, the formed EPS wall panel can be demoulded. The curing time depends on the curing technology. It can take Hongfa automatic demoulding and stacking machine to do the EPS cement wall panel demoulding.

How to Make Cement Lightweight EPS Wall panel

Then after certain days, the concrete eps wall panels can be transported to the building sites for lightweight internal or external walls construction.

Hongfa EPS Concrete Lightweight Sandwich Wall Panels Buildings

These concrete sandwich EPS wall panel has very good sound insulation for peaceful indoor environment. Both the calcium silicon board or fiber cement board surface and core EPS prevents the termites, insects and rodents from attacks on the wall. It also helps the walls to fight moisture and makes it water resistant. It requires minimum long-term maintenance, especially in areas prone to extreme weather and temperature conditions like summer, winter, snow, heavy rains and high winds.

Hongfa Concrete lightweight eps wall panel advantages

HONGFA was founded in 1990, which is a large-scale private enterprise with R&D, manufacture and sales. A Chinese national leader in size, scope, quality and technology, Hongfa is defined by the brand attributes of industry leadership, innovation, and sustainability. If you want to start the cement wall panel business, please come to us for the proposals on the EPS wall panel projects. We have high quality cement wall panels plant & machinery to produce sandwich wall boards. Contact yuki@hfmachines or Whatsapp 0086 18378813711 now to get more details.