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Concrete Ready Mix Cement Batching Plant

Hongfa Concrete Mixing Station Cement Sand Fly Ash Concrete Production Line Quality Manufacturer

Concrete refers to a kind of building material made by mixing cement, sand, stone, water and other raw materials in a certain proportion and mixing. The freshly mixed concrete is in a plastic-retaining state within a certain period of time and can be made into components of any size and shape. After forming, after a period of time, the hydration reaction between cement and water hardens the concrete. The mixing station is mainly used for concrete engineering. The main purpose is to mix concrete, also known as a concrete mixing station. The Hongfa ready mix plant is suitable for large-scale infrastructure construction projects such as urban commercial ready-mixed concrete, roads, bridges, water conservancy, airports, and ports, and places with large demand for concrete.

High quality Hongfa concrete production factory produce cement batching

Classification and model of concrete mixing plant

As the leading enterprise of concrete machinery, Hongfa Group has developed complete equipment centered on mixing plants since 2002 to provide users with the overall solution of HZS or HLS series concrete mixing plants. Now it has become the top concrete equipment supplier in China.

Hongfa concrete batching plant mixer system

Construction of concrete mixing plant:

The mixing station is mainly composed of a storage system, a metering system, a conveying system, a liquid supply system, a pneumatic system, a mixing system, a main building frame, a control room, a dust removal system, etc., used to complete the storage, measurement, transportation, mixing and output of concrete raw materials Materials and other work.

Hongfa ready mix plant for concrete production cement batching plant


  • Mixing system:



The mixing host of Hongfa Mixing Station adopts MAO3000 double-horizontal shaft forced mixer, which can be used for mixing dry hard concrete, fluid concrete, light aggregate concrete and various mortars in the construction engineering department. The machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, good mixing quality, short time, low energy consumption, low noise, etc .; the mixing shaft of the mixing host adopts anti-blocking technology to effectively prevent the cement from agglomerating on the shaft, and the shaft end seal adopts a unique multiple sealing structure , Effectively prevent mortar leakage and ensure the continuous operation of the entire mixing system. The cleaning system adopts high-pressure water pump automatic control plus manual control, and each water outlet is located directly above the mixing shaft, which improves the efficiency of mixing, increases water mist to reduce dust pollution and effectively removes cement agglomeration.

Hongfa ready mixing plant high quality mixer


  • Electronic control system:



It adopts the concrete mixing plant control system developed by the Automation Research Institute of Technology Development Center of Shanghai Siwei Group Co., Ltd., which has stable performance and reliable operation; electrical components use French Schneider and other world-famous products with high reliability; and adopts microcomputer automatic control. The whole process is managed. Complete printing system, advanced TV camera monitoring system monitors and communicates with important parts such as aggregate batching, host concrete unloading, etc., making the whole set of equipment complete and powerful.

Hongfa concrete batching plant cemenet factory control system


  • Metering system:



The main function of the measuring system of Hongfa Mixing Station is to complete the batching process of several materials such as cement, water, and additives. Whether the weighing system of Hongfa is aggregate, powder or liquid, imported components, high-precision sensors, imported microcomputer control, etc. can be used for weighing, control, signal conversion components, etc. Quantity) to ensure accurate measurement and stable performance

High quality Hongfa ready mix plant for concrete production


  • Mixing the main building



Using H-shaped steel as the main beam, the structure is stable and reliable, and the vibration resistance is strong. The layout of cables and air pipes in the building adopts special wiring grooves, which is neat and beautiful and is conducive to protecting the cables. Insulation layer can be added as needed to adapt to the cold weather in the north.

High quality Hongfa ready mix plant concrete batching factory


  • Conveying device



Three to five aggregate bins can be provided as required, and a separate aggregate weighing hopper and aggregate discharge belt conveyor are provided at the bottom of the aggregate bin. Use a loader or belt conveyor to feed the aggregate silo. The silo can be designed as a steel structure. The lower part of the silo can be equipped with a low moisture content measuring instrument. Aggregate lifting inclined belt conveyor is responsible for sending the aggregate to the transitional storage silo. The inclined belt is tensioned by a heavy hammer, which works reliably, and the conveying inclination angle is ≤18 °. It can also be used on herringbone or trough belt conveyor or bucket elevator Materials to reduce floor space.

High quality Hongfa ready mix plant concrete production cement factory

The advantages of Hongfa concrete mixing plant production line / concrete machinery brand manufacturer:


  • Excellent performance



Hongfa brand concrete double horizontal shaft forced mixer has strong mixing ability, uniform mixing quality and high productivity. It has good mixing effect for concrete with dry stiffness, semi-dry stiffness, plasticity and various proportions. The lubricating system and main shaft transmission system can be imported from a full set, and the hydraulic door opening mechanism can adjust the opening of the discharge door as required.

Hongfa ready mix plant for concrete production


  • Environmental performance



All powdery materials, from loading, batching, metering, feeding to stirring and discharging, are carried out in a closed state. The dust discharge pipes of the mixer cover, cement measurement bin, and fly ash measurement bin are all connected to the dust collector, and the dust injection plate is provided at the aggregate filling port, thereby reducing the dust emission. The fully enclosed mixing main building and belt conveyor structure reduce dust and noise pollution to the environment.

Hongfa concrete batching plant1


  • Reliability



The mixing blade adopts unique high-chromium high-manganese alloy wear-resistant material, and the shaft end support and sealing form adopt unique multiple seals, which improves the reliability of the host. For the frequently impacted and vulnerable parts, such as unloading hopper, transition hopper, etc., wear-resistant steel plate is used for reinforcement in the inner part; the vulcanization bonding of the joint of the endless belt, the usage life is increased by 3 times compared with ordinary steel riveting.

High quality Hongfa ready mix factory concrete batching plant for concrete production


  • Excellent operating system



The whole machine is controlled by computer, and the dynamic panel displays the operation status of each part of the mixing station (building). At the same time, it can store various data of the mixing station (building), print various report materials as required, and store more than 30,000 recipes. The control system adopts the dual-machine dual-control form, and the data is shared between the control machine and the management machine. When the control machine fails, it can be transferred to the management machine to work to ensure the continuous normal operation of the system to a certain extent. Surveillance cameras can be installed at key components such as the discharge port of the host and the batching station.

Some successful cases of Hongfa concrete mixing plant production line

Hongfa high quality ready mixing plant

Besides the ready mix plant, Hongfa Machinery is also a reliable Chinese supplier for concrete block making machines, and cement EPS wall panel machinery etc. We provide good services and help clents analyze the investment on factory setup and the profit. Many clents visit our factory to look for new opportunities for good investment.

Hongfa brand good reputation high quality

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Hongfa high quality concrete block making machine cement panel machine workshop

What Can We Do For You?

Hongfa is committed to providing 100% construction machinery products quality protection, on-time shipment protection and perfect services. To meet your needs is our top priority. We have surpassed other suppliers in the following aspects:

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Hongfa Factory and Workshop to make EPS concrete wall panel

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