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Hongfa HFB570A Block Machine in Good Quality and Good Price

Automatic Block Machine HFB570A

Our experienced inhouse professionals developed the automatic brick making machine HFB570A with hydraulic system and PLC operating system, which will lead you the most convenient usage of concrete blocks making. Contact us now to save your money.

  • PLC operating system, driven by hydraulic system

  • Taiwan calyca hydraulic and imported German Siemens

  • High productivity, excellent quality, and strong durability

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Automatic Block Making Machine HFB570A

This block moulding machine HFB570A is automatic and composed of 6 parts: pallet conveyor, material-feeding device, block-forming device, block moving rail, hydraulic pressure station and electric cabinet. It is our updated brick machine and controlled by the PLC. It is especially suitable for standard bricks, and this is an ideal equipment for protecting environmental and producing building materials. It has the following advantages:

  • Advanced Technology

Combining with German High-tech and Hongfa Technology, this advanced HFB570A hydraform block machine is superior to other block production machine in these aspects:

– Passing the strict quality inspection: CE/SGS/ISO9001:2000
– Featuring the best configuration: Taiwan Calyca Hydraulic and Imported German Siemens PLC
– Its characteristic is high efficient, easy-operated and easy-maintained.
– Effectively to solve the problems of system halted, holdup, weak pressure, motors burning and consumption in the block machine industry.

Hongfa high quality HFB570 concrete block making machine1

  • Excellent Design

The building block making machine HFB570A forming way is hydraulic; The oil hydraulic machine of this block machine is according to the standard of international. With the German High – tech, Siemens components and Manganese Steel Mould, this interlocking stabilized soil block machine contains platform vibration and mould vibration, so the products is very close-grained and produced quickly.

– Aggregate number of brick out of a one-time mode, enabling centralized handling palletizing. Production efficiency increases, power consumption reduces, human resources saved.

– All the electrical and hydraulic parts are original imported or with China famous brand. So this machine is stable and with less faults. Also it is can be used many years and easy to maintaining.

– Compulsory tooling synchronous lifting mechanism ensures the consistency of products thickness, demolding stabe and the yield is high.

– Finished block products come out together then can be stacked efficient and cut off the power consumption and the labor.

  • Strong and Stable Structure

The host machine structure of the cement block laying machine is designed overall frame structure, use #12 U-bar welding together, compact structure, strong resistance to vibration.

Hongfa high quality HFB570 concrete block making machine cement brick machinery

  • PLC Intelligent Control

It adopts PLC operating system, driven by hydraulic system, and controlled by non-contact proximity switch. The control system features easy interface, equipped with complete logic control, production program, malfunction diagnosis system and remote control function. The PLC of this block machine is German Siemens, so this machine is stable and with less faults. Also it is can be used many years and easy to maintaining.

  • Superior Hydraulic system

The main forming method of the automatic block making machine is hydraulic molding, the auxiliary is mechanical molding, and then complete with vibrating and pressing. Equipped with a patented vibration case, the exciting force is great, and the frequency vibration is high.

  • Excellent Material Feeder System

This system is made up with hopper, feeding box, feeding platform and conveyor system.The material feeder just located on the below of the hopper and under the feeding platform.  And material feeder is powered with hydro-cylinder which supplied from the hydraulic station. When the down mould fall down onto the pallet, then material feeder move forward and starts to feeding material with vibrating. When testing the machine, the vibrating feeding time can be adjusted according to the material and the request of the products.

Hongfa high quality HFB570 concrete block making machine cement brick maker3

  • Special Vibrating and Moulding System

– Low frequency in feeding material, high frequency vibration in the interlocking stabilized soil block machine HFB570A. Platform vibrating works together with mould, so that the concrete can be fully fluidified and exhausted in two or three seconds to reach the high density.

– Forming device consists of stander, vibration platform, mold case, synchronous system and pressure head. Vertical directional vibration of the vibration platform is realized by two opposite eccentric rotational symmetry axis in the vibration box which are driven synchronously by two motors by triangle belt.

– Aggregate number of brick out of a one-time mode, enabling centralized handling palletizing. Production efficiency increases, power consumption reduces, human resources saved.

  • Flexible Block Production Line

It is composed of pallet conveyor, molding machine, block conveyor, hydraulic station, and electronic console for the configuration of the cement block making machine HFB570A. It can combine the mixer, belt conveyor and block stacker to make a simple block production line.

Hongfa High Quality Concrete Block Production Line

  • Achieve Scrutiny, Controlling, and Diagnosis

The computer is of fault diagnosis system. Warning signal is propitious to eliminate the fault. Combine with long-distance controlling system, it can achieve scrutiny, controlling, diagnosis.

  • High Quality Blocks Produced

– Vibration and pressure combine in the concrete block paver machine HFB570A is  to make products more robust.  The blocks produced by the brick making machine have a high density, and the tensile strength is up to 15 Mpa. The products are anti-freezing, anti-impermeabe, and have a good performance of sound insulation, thermal insulation. Their dimensions are also precise.

– The building block making machine can have multiple uses, the applicability is very wide. It can be extensive use of fly ash, slag, gangue or other industrial waste or sand, stone, cement orother materials. By changing molds, it can produces all kinds of hollow bricks and all kinds of road blocks, grass blocks, curbstone blocks, standard bricks.

Concrete Blocks from Hongfa Machinery Cement Brick Machine

  • Available for Various Raw Materials 

The raw materials to make block or brick with this cement building block making machine are: crushed stone, sand, cement, dust and coal fly ash, cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, expanded perlite, and other industrial wastes.

HFB570A Block Machine Technical Parameters

Hongfa Brick Making Machine
Technical ParameterDetailed Data
Overall Dimension5900×2200×2400(mm)
Rated Pressure16MPa
Main Vibration FormPlatform Vibration
Cycle Time15 seconds
Vibrating Frequency2800-5100
Motors Power21.75KW
Pallet Size900*550(mm)

The Finished Block Products Capacity

The Finished Block Products


Block TypeMold






Hollow Block
Solid Block
Paving Brick

Applied Block Samples Photo

concrete block size sample1

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