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HFB5250A concrete block machine

Automatic Block Making Machine HFB5250A

Newly designed Hongfa HFB5250A series high efficiency cement block making machine has been endowed with innovative features for energy-saving, more accurate control, and higher output. Our experts will give professional advice for your individual application. Speak with us directly today to begin the process. 

  • High capacity, stable operation and easy maintenance

  • Smart hydraulic forming system and high efficiency

  • Integrated electric device and control system

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Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine in High Capacity

Automatic brick making machine HFB5250A with unique working principle, combining with German High-tech and Hongfa Technology, stands at a particular niche in block forming process. It is especially useful in form and intact brick production.

High quality concrete block making machine qt12-15f

We have developed the best configurations with Taiwan Calyca Hydraulic and imported German Siemens PLC for the cement brick making machine to make completely block making fast and easy maintenance. Due to its special block forming principle makes the machine in great performance and stability.

Reliable block machine factory cement brick making machinery

Newly designed Hongfa HFB5250A series high efficiency cement block making machine has been endowed with innovative features which mainly focused on energy-saving, more accurate control, and higher output. As a result, the automatic concrete block machine HFB5250A will increase 15~20% capacity and saving power consumption compared with other models.

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Our experts will give professional advice for your individual application. Trust our experience with your concrete brick production needs. Speak with us directly today to begin the process.

The advantages of this block machines at a glance

  • High capacity
  • Low labor intensity
  • Stable and reliable operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Centralized electric device and integrated control system
  • Smart hydraulic forming system and high efficiency
  • With great performance
  • Less power consumption
  • Excellent finished block appearance

Hongfa concrete block making machine HFB5250A

Available Raw Materials to Make Block or Brick

● The raw materials to make block or brick with this block making machine are:

Crushed stone, sand, cement, dust and coal fly ash, cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, expanded perlite, and other industrial wastes.

Available Sizes and Thickness of Block or Brick Products

● Concrete blocks, solid/hollow/cellular masonry products, paving stones with or without face mix, garden and landscaping products, slabs, edgers, kerbstones, grass blocks, slope blocks, interlocking blocks, etc.

Hongfa good quality qt12-15f block making machine

● This Automatic Block Making Equipment or Brick Production Machine machine can make all kinds of bricks by changing moulds, so we can make the moulds according to customer’s need. Below type of bricks capacity just for your reference.

Concrete Blocks from Hongfa Machinery Cement Brick Machine

The Finished Block Products Specifications

Hongfa Brick Making Machine
HFB5250A Capacity
Block TypeMold






Hollow Block
Solid Block
Paving Block

Applied Block Sample Photo

concrete block size sample1

Automatic Cement Brick Making Machine HFB5250A Specifications (Hydraulic Type)

Design Advantages

● With great performances

– Increasing 20% capacity vs others models
– Extremely proving the stability
– Effectively to solve the problems of system halted, holdup, weak pressure, motors burning and consumption in the block machine industry.- With Superior Configuration (Taiwan Calyca Hydraulic and imported German Siemens parts)

● Flexible Vibration Frequency
Adopting frequency conversion motors and synchronization vibration to insure the products making average, and the vibration frequency can be adjusted randomly according to plastic character of various of raw materials.

● Achieve Scrutiny, Controlling, and Diagnosis

The computer for the concrete block making is of fault diagnosis system. Warning signal is propitious to eliminate the fault. Combine with long-distance controlling system, it can achieve scrutiny, controlling, as well as diagnosis.

● Optimal Material Vibration
Low frequency in feeding material and high frequency vibration makes the different materials to have an optimal vibration way.

● PLC Intelligent Control

The control system is equipped with complete logic control, production program, malfunction diagnosis system and remote control function. So it only needs a trained person for operation rather than a professional one.

● Passing the strict quality inspection

– CE/SGS/ISO9001:2000

● High Density Finished Blocks

Designed with particular storage and description material system which insure the feeding accuracy and avoiding the effect of exterior material, the finished blocks made by HFB5250A black making machine features high density.

Technical Parameters

Hongfa Brick Making Machine 


Technical ParameterDetailed Data
Overall Dimension8200×2600×3020


Rated Pressure21MPa
Main Vibration FormPlatform Vibration
Acceleration of vibration15-20g
Cycle Time15-20 seconds
Vibrating Frequency2800-4500


Motors Power51KW
Pallet Size1420*900(mm)

The Concrete Block Making Production Line

Cement Silo and Screw Conveyor

Function: Store and transfer brick making raw materials, like cement and coal fly ash etc.

Batching Machine

Function: Store concrete block forming raw materials, like sand, crushed stone, dust, cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, expanded perlite, and other industrial wastes etc. and scale the raw materials for mixing preparation.


Function: Mixing raw materials, cement, sand, crushed stone fly ash, water together etc.

Scale System

Function: The scale system includes cement & fly ash scale machine, water scale etc.

Concrete block forming system

Function: To make cement brick in a fast way, 15-25 seconds for a cycle. Different size of blocks can produce by changing the related moulds in the block forming machine. After the block finished, it will transfer by the block conveyor for stacking.

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