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Since 1990, we have established our factory for concrete brick machine manufacture. Now we have been leading the technology of block machine making. Send your inquiry today to get our latest price. 

HFB2250A Bidirectional Hydraulic Brick Machine

This is a double sides automatic hydraulic pressing block machine in high efficiency and reliable operation. The hydrostatic block machine, electricity and hydraulic parts are all in one, and controlled by the PLC system. 

* Power: 57.9KW

* Molding cycle: 13-28S

* Max produced pressure: 7800KN

* Rated pressure: 31.5MPa

* Weight: 25T

* Dimension: 2100*1200*5000mm

* Pallet size: 1100*950mm

Hongfa Bidirectional Hydraulic Brick Maker
Hongfa automatic hydraulic pressing in double sides block machine

– This block forming machine includes frame, upper mold, mold core & core seat component (or call #2 panel), #3 panel, bottom part & ejector rob component, forming die impression, hook component and buffer.

– The block receiver is working by pneumatic pulley and all the pneumatic gas valve are from well known brand AirTAC, so it has the advantages of simple and reliable, easily operating, dependable performance and insure controlling.  

Double-Sides Hydraulic Brick Machine Advantages

This hydrostatic brick machine is combined with bidirectional hydraulic block forming machine, material feeder, hydraulic system, electrical system, block receiver and block stacker etc. Besides the normal building raw material, like crushed stone, sand, cement, dust and coal fly ash, cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, expanded perlite, the industry waste, like steel slag can be applied in this powerful hydrostactic brick press machine too. This bidirectional hydraulic brick machine is superior in pallet free and low noise, with the following advantages.

* Smart programmable controlled.

* Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration

* Double-sides hydraulic pressure system

* High production efficiency, low labor intensity

* Green, energy-saving and sustainable.

Bidirectional Hydraulic Making Machine Advantages

– The hydraulic system includes hydraulic unit, pipe and cylinder, all the hydraulic components are from famous domestic & overseas brand. It has reliable performance and insure controlling.

– The Electrical system is using Mitsubishi FX2N PLC, Siemens contactor and Omron relay, having the functions of automatic operation and realizing fault diagnosis. It also adopts safety logic controller to avoid incorrect operation effectively, to make sure the machine running in an effective and accurate way, also for the operator’s safety.

hydrostatic block machine bidirectional hydraulic brick maker

Available Concrete Block Types and Sizes

Hongfa high capacity concrete block making machines with big capacity can produce solid/hollow blocks, cellular masonry bricks, paving stones with or without face mix, garden and landscaping products, slabs, edgers, kerbstones, grass blocks, slope blocks, interlocking blocks, etc. With the same brick making machine, it is easy to produce many kinds of bricks by changing the suitable moulds only.

We are able to customize the concrete block production line to meet your individual brick processing task. Trust our experience to design long lasting solutions for your most complex operations. Simply reach out to the best first by contacting us today.

Hongfa automatic block machine produce many cement blocks

The Concrete Block Making Machine from Hongfa

Project management is essential for a concrete block plant. We know how innovative brick forming systems can streamline the process flow and contain the production cost substantially. Therefore, we developed the simple and full automatic block production lines for your options. 

The advantage of our brick making system is to keep the value of the configuration by combing the concrete batching machine, mixer, block host and stacker. Our professional technical team will designe good solutions to help you get the most from your investment from the very beginning through the end. Contact us today to see how.

Hongfa automatic block machines in high quality
Hongfa concrete block machine projects cases

Hongfa Block Making Machine Projects Case

Hongfa maintains facilities dedicated to building materials process equipment production. With over 30 years development, we have served worldwide clients covering local China, America, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Asia, Southeast Asia, South America, and Oceania etc.

The foundation of our success rests upon our tireless dedication to technology innovation, vital and current industry knowledge, and our commitment to maintaining a cutting edge understanding of building materials. We help build our brand recognition and support the global construction marketplace. Trust our experience and let us serve you.

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Welcome to Visit Our Factory

Undertaking our global business mission and aiming to provide qualitatively best products and service to each of our customers, we warmly welcome you to visit our workshop, concrete block or panel equipment production lines and construction site for the projects inspection. Our wealthy experience and innovative awareness can help you figure out the most suitable machines according to your needs.

When come to us, you will get the project feasibility study, customized production line as per your current situation, plant drawing for project evaluation, qualification certificates and product test reports and more.

Hongfa workshop for concrete panel machine
Hongfa warehouse for concrete panel machine
Hongfa worker testing for concrete wall panel machine
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Hongfa workshop in concrete eps wall panel mold process
Hongfa engineers for the concrete eps wall panel machines and factory

What is Like to Work With Us

Our professional and aspiring team has made a number of milestones in designing machines for building material making. We are committed to providing advanced precast panel machine and concrete block equipment, as well as total solutions for our customers. Wealthy experience in running our own prodution lines and excellent cooperation with lots of international groups more than 30 years, our team not only provide machine installation instructions, but also all technology data, material formula, and construction drawing etc.

Hongfa engineers are available to serve oversea for constrution site inspection, equipment installation, technical training and maintenance of the plant etc. You are also get from us the newest and advanced technology update for the plant, and our services in 24/7.  Almost all key parts of our machines are stock in urgent case of your spare parts demand, so you will get the parts in simple and fast way from us too.

Hongfa provide free consulation for wall panel factory setup
Hongfa welcome clients to visit our wall panel factory
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